Prepare Enrich

At Flyleaf Counseling, we are always looking for new resources to use with our clients. Whether it is through experiential exercises, videos, books, or additional trainings, we are continually adding new things to our repertoire.

In 2017, our clinicians underwent training and earned their certifications as Prepare Enrich facilitators.  With over 35 years of research and 4 million couples served, Prepare Enrich seeks to help couples strengthen their relationship through the identification of strength and growth areas. Couples with children can also identify these areas as they navigate the adventures of parenthood. To put it simply, like the name suggests, Prepare Enrich serves two functions: Preparing couples for marriage, or other life changing events, while enriching their relationship as a whole. There are several different versions of the assessment tailored to address different life events that couples may experience including parenting, pre-adoption / pre-foster care, and spiritual practices.

The process in utilizing the Prepare Enrich Program begins with a meeting with your therapist. After discussing your goals as a couple as well as any other concerns you may have, your therapist will create the assessment through the Prepare Enrich website. You and your partner will then take the assessments assigned to you as individuals. Your therapist will provide you with a customized report and will discuss the results with you. Future sessions will be structured around your goals as well as the results. Activities from the Prepare Enrich workbook help to bring further enlightenment and strengthen topics of discussion in each session.

Topics addressed in the standard assessment include: commitment, communication, conflict resolution, financial management, health and wellness, spiritual beliefs, leisure activities, stress, parenting styles, relationship dynamics, relationship roles, and relationship expectations just to name a few. Imagine how much insight you and your partner can gain through this assessment. Topics that you may not have thought about can be discussed in a safe, supportive, nurturing, and judgment free environment with the help of your Flyleaf Counseling therapist. We hope you’re as excited about this as we are.

If you have any questions about Prepare Enrich or if you are curious if this program might be a good fit for you, we invite you to give us a call at (980) 689-1975.

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