Our moods can shift with the day and even the hour. Sometimes depression can range from a “sad mood” to “not wanting to get out of bed” or even a long term feeling of “loss of interest and pleasure” in the things we once enjoyed. For some, depression manifests as anger, as a mechanism for pushing other people away. It can be multi-driven and multi-faceted. However it is displayed, depression is debilitating and feels hopeless. Our goal is to assist you in finding your motivation to fully participate in life again.


Worry and fear can be paralyzing. It can prevent us from trusting others and trusting in the world. For some, anxiety has become a way of life. For most, it is a reaction to what feels like an insurmountable number of life’s stressors. Anxiety does not have to be part of anyone’s baseline for living. We can assist with reducing your anxiety and helping you find a new way of relating to life.

Family Conflict

There are all types of family constellations and each one can come with their own unique struggles and needs. Effective parenting and healthy parent-child relationships CAN flourish. No matter the make-up of your family, you can create a solid foundation involving effective communication and true connection.

Child and Adolescent

It is often said that kids “live in their own world” and technology only adds to that adage. Parents readily admit that they never had the struggles their children have today due to technology. Adolescence and peer pressure take on new meaning in the face of social media and the immediate gratification that the internet brings. It is an uphill battle for kids to find their sense of self, and this is an important battle. Thriving in this environment, where privacy does not exist and bullying can destroy a child, takes a tremendous amount of self-worth and support.

Grief and Loss

Grieving is how we feel about losing someone or something we love, but that is not all. We grieve life’s transitions. This grief can occur concurrently with something exciting; a child leaving for college or beginning a new job. This dichotomy can be distressing and feel, wrong. Sometimes it is grieving from past relationships or hurts. Grief has a place in our lives and navigating it is essential to living fully.

Relationship Strain

Couples who love each other sometimes get off course and allow chaos and emotional distance to invade their relationship. They no longer communicate and often make assumptions about the other’s thoughts and feelings. Before resentment sets in, it is imperative that couples strengthen their ability and rekindle the desire to turn towards each other for the warmth and support they need to thrive.


Before heading down the aisle, it is always worth examining each other as individuals who come from families, with values, with goals, and with long-term marital expectations. Be sure you have examined your future together so that you will continue celebrating your relationship as much as you celebrate it today!

Domestic Assault

Why does she stay? That tends to be the question. A more important question is, Why does he do what he does? We believe that when you are coming out of an unhealthy relationship, questioning your reasons for staying is not helpful or necessary. Finding the resolve to believe in something different and on your terms is the beginning of your healing process. Developing an understanding in how the relationship developed into its unhealthy state, is how you will learn to trust your judgment and obtain the thriving relationship you deserve.

Sexual Assault

There is nothing more personal and violating than sexual assault. No matter your gender or age, the impact of an assault does not dissipate over time. It does not have to be a shameful event that prevents you from living fully. We can help you move out of your shame and pain and move into a state of empowerment and resilience. What happened to you did not break you, don’t let the actions of another person continue to define you. Find yourself, discover your strength, and fully embrace the life you have always wanted.

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