Whether it is through discovery or disclosure, the impact of infidelity and betrayal can create an earthquake in the safety of the coupleship. The feelings of anger, hurt, shame and guilt can be profound for both partners. Each spouse can be left with questions of “How can I and we move forward?”, “How do we begin to heal?” and “Is recovery even possible?” At Flyleaf Counseling, we are here to help you in the recovery journey and to guide you through the healing process. The decision to remain or stay is up to you, but with hard work, vulnerability, strength and willingness – a new relationship can emerge. A new relationship with yourself and your spouse. So yes, healing can happen and the recovery work rewarding.

Affairs can be physical and emotional and can occur with people you know or strangers. We reside in a chaotic world and couples can become disconnected from each other. When disconnection occurs and we take our finger off of the pulse of our relationship, we can become susceptible to outside intrusions. We can forget the beauty and necessity of intimacy in all forms with our spouse. Affairs occur as a symptom to something larger. Both partners need to do their work in recovery. It is important to realize that through empathy, reflection, ownership and transparency reconnection is possible.

Healing is a process and the goal is to not only examine the individual and systemic drivers to the betrayal but to also reconnect and focus on what brought you together to begin with. To tap into your resilience and surge forward.

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