fly·leaf /ˈflīˌlēf/

an empty page and the beginning or end of a book

Your next chapter begins now!

Welcome to Flyleaf Counseling, where we believe that life is made up of chapter and volumes…and it is time for your new one to begin. We have all experienced times in our lives where we have thrown up our hands and believed “this is it – I’m done” or “I can’t see a way through this”. These experiences are profound and test our capacity and belief in our power to resurrect ourselves. We doubt our abilities, even in the face of our own history of resilience.

Our past and present is often contaminated with people attempting to assert their reality into ours for their gain. They try to direct our story and may even tell us we can no longer narrate our own journey! We sometimes find that we have limited ourselves through self-doubt and fear, not knowing that what we believe to be our truth is actually inaccurate and incomplete. Through recognition of our strengths, ownership of our successes, and healing from past hurts, we can come to realize that their version of us is false. The only account that matters is the one we give testimony to.

At Flyleaf Counseling, we strive to help you make sense of past events, heal from present hurts, and thrive. We are here to guide you forward and assist you in designing and narrating your next chapter. While we can’t erase events in your life, we believe that you can continue living vibrantly and maintain charge of your epic tale. You are the author of your story and while trauma, addiction, fracture, loss, and failure can punctuate your life chapters, there is more in your book to create, narrate and give testimony to. Your book of life continues, with you as the author. Our passion is to assist you in recognizing your resilience and to live a life of intentionality and authenticity.

You have an amazing story to tell us all!

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